Hump Day Happiness: Sarah Kay My New Favorite Poet

Welcome to Hump Day Happiness!  On Wednesdays, I like to share one thing that inspires joy, happiness, connection, and ALLTHEWARMFUZZYFEELINGS.

And this Ted Talk invokes ALLTHEFEELINGS.  My Friends, please meet my new favorite poet: Sarah Kay.


Right! Right?

She has a performance in NYC this month that I’m so hoping to attend.

In case you’re wondering my answers from the question in the Ted Talk,

My 3 things I know to be true are:

1:  Contentment is a choice, one that I have to make every day.

2:  There is nothing more glorious than riding my bike in the evening after dinner around Fresh Pond.

3: White wine, especially Moscato makes everything taste better.



Today, in the family for our Hump Day Happiness, we’re celebrating my daughter, Trinity.  This morning when I sent her off to school, she said, “Wait!  Dad’s leaving tonight and Friendly’s has $2 kids’ meals, can we send daddy off and save money?”  Love it, thoughtful and frugal.

It’s also early release day, so I better go back to being a mom, y’all.





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