What I’m Into: Top Ten June Edition

I have a confession to make: all of my favorite bloggers are taking the summer off for fantastic reasons, but I’m not and I feel all types of guilty over it. You should read some of these “I’m breaking from blogging to create space and enjoy life” posts. I mean chocked full of wisdom and maturity are they, and here’s little old slightly nutty me embarking on forty days of blogging with a few of my Story Sessions sisters. I’m so excited for this next month or so of writing and re-vamping the blog here. I have big dreams for this space and over the next few weeks I’ll be unveiling them.


Today’s prompt (tell us ten things about yourself) goes well with a community I like to link up with every once in a while— Leigh Kramer’s “What I’m Into” link up. Soooooo….I’m going to tell what ten things have I been up to and into since I last bore my soul here on “Shalom”.


I’ve been doing lot of…


Netflix watching “Orange in the New Black”  with the Hubs.


(1)  Seriously, we’re a little addicted to the Netflix original series. When we put the kids to bed and we’re sure   they’re so deep asleep there’s no way going to hear the prison shenanigans on the screen, we rush to the kitchen grab our favorite snacks, look at each other and say, “Let’s Orange it up”. We’re halfway through season 2, and please NO SPOILERS! But seriously, I’m waiting for someone to make a prison shank— maybe Suzanne (crazy eyes), or Vee. Probably Tucky or Red. I’d put money on Red winning a prison fight with an illegal weapon any day. But really…NO SPOILERS!







(2) Lately, my snack of choice to “Orange it up” is this insanely delicious and refreshing gelato I found at Target called, “Talenti”. They have amazing flavors but my favorite so far is the Roman Raspberry. It’s just tangy enough to be interesting, but sweet enough to feel like an indulgence. You should try it!



(3)I also tried the Starbucks’ Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade this month.I wasn’t quite sure that I’d like it— I mean, I had high hopes for the refreshers and they were a huge let down, but the Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade was surprisingly yummy. It’s a green tea, so no caffeine boost, but it’s perfect to keep me cool by the pool while the kiddos play.







(4) My poolside reading includes a , “Farewell to Mars” by Brian Zahnd. Like Greg Boyd and Bruxy Cavey, Pastor Zahnd has been an major influence on my thinking about the peace teachings of Jesus. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say my passion for God’s Shalom on earth as it is in heaven came when made my own journey towards the Biblical Gospel of peace. If Jesus is the Prince of Peace what does it mean to be his disciple? This book is winsome because Pastor Zahnd shares his story with great humility and his convictions with great civility. This is my favorite line from the book:

“Isn’t it time for the peaceable kingdom of Christ to be considered a viable option in the here and now and not forever relocated to the “sweet by-and-by”?

(5) Speaking of good theology, we took the kids to see “How to Train Your Dragon 2” and y’all I was crying, no, CRYING during the movie. Without giving away too many spoilers, there’s this beautiful comparison between how Hiccup goes about making peace between the dragons and humans and the new villain’s violent coercive methods. In one particularly powerful scene, the villain proves his power over the dragons by force and when the dragon finally submits he puts his boot on its muzzle and growls that he is the dragon’s owner and he has all the control. Juxtapose that with Hiccup’s (and his mom’s) methods of learning, knowing, honoring their dignity, and listening to the dragons and you can see why I was all a hot mess. It was like the Holy Spirit showed me that we as kingdom people are called to effect change and create community through love and respect, not force and brutality. I also reminded me of Greg Boyd’s wonderful insights of “power over/power under leadership”


(6) I’m listening to all kinds of music this summer, so far on my playlist I’ve had, “Explosive” by BOND, “Come Get it Bae” by Pharrell, “Rude” by Magic, and my summer jam, I mean my serious-y’all-better-move-because-I’m-about-dance summer jam is “Classic” by MKTO.


(7) I’ve re-listened to my favorite paranormal, historical series, the “All Souls” Trilogy, by Deborah Harkness. The last book in the series, “The Book of Life”  comes out in two weeks and I’m already making plans to go to see her at a local book store the middle of July. Who gets to tell us who to love? This is the driving question in this series about a history professor witch and a scientist vampire who fall in love and marry against the rules of their world. I love this series because it’s smart, well-written, has some major swoon-worthy moments and is an amazingly poignant commentary on love, identity, family, and politics.











(8) At Bath and Body Work’s semi-annual sale I stocked up on my new summer favorite fragrance, “Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber”. It smells so wonderful, light and floral with a bottom note of sweet. So perfect for me. I have enough body wash to last until August…I hope.











(9) Back to great theology—y’all Bruxy Cavey is KILLING IT with The Meeting House’s Summer theology course,“We Believe: Christian Theology Learned, Loved, and Lived” . The sermons are so accessible couple them with the super rich but oh so fascinating Theology After Parties (going deeper into the concepts that Bruxy talked about in the sermon.  The Q&A is my favorite part), it’s like you’re going through an Anabaptist seminary course—ALL WHILE DOING THE LAUNDRY AND MAKING SCRAMBLED EGGS! This series is one the many reasons why I love podcasts. Check it out!







(10) And finally, I’ve mentioned my love to Lyft here on the blog, well my husband showed me this hilarious segment from Conan O’Brien. See what happens when Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, and Conan call for Lyft? (there’s some language)


So here’s my ten. I’m excited about these forty days of blogging. Join me by following the blog or liking the Facebook page.


Rocking out to “Explosive” while sipping my iced tea,




6 thoughts on “What I’m Into: Top Ten June Edition

  1. I’m so glad to have found your blog (coming by from Leigh’s linkup)! I love what you shared about theology and peace. I love Greg Boyd’s teaching (have you listened to his Cross and the Sword sermon series?)…and I’ve been interested to read Farewell to Mars–glad to hear you’re enjoying it.
    And I totally hear you about seeing a lot of bloggers doing this or that with their summers, but I think it’s awesome that you’ve got focus for the next month and it sounds like you’ve got a group of encouraging people to do it with. I think it’s important to find rest–maybe there are times when that looks like taking an entire month off, and other times it might just be having a day of rest, or a morning of rest every week.

    Also, the important stuff–I love Talenti! I’ve only tried the sea salt caramel, but I’m definitely going to have to try that raspberry one! That sounds amazing.

    • I have not heard the “Cross and the Sword” series. I really appreciated the insights in “Myth of Christian Nation” though, which I think was inspired by that series. I’m so glad you found my blog through Leigh’s link up it’s so cool to meet other women who love Greg Boyd’s teachings AND you’ve inspired me to try the sea salt caramel gelato!

  2. So lovely to discover your blog via Leigh’s link-up, especially because you listen to Bruxy’s podcasts! My husband and I have been attending a Meeting House site for almost 4 years now, and we are hugely blessed to have Bruxy as our teaching pastor. The world is small, isn’t it? 🙂

    Also (unrelated): Very excited for the final installment of the All Souls Trilogy. Such an excellent series.

    • IT IS! I’ve really loved following the Meeting House podcasts. I’m hoping to hear/meet Bruxy at the Missio Alliance gathering in Nov. And yes, I’m counting down the days until, “Book of Life” releases. Thank yo for commenting, I’m so glad we’ve connected through the link-up.

  3. I’m taking an unofficial break from regular blogging (unofficial because I’ll still be meeting all deadlines and hosting What I’m Into) but I’m impressed with people who keep on going and especially impressed you’re taking on a 40 day challenge! Whoa. I cannot cannot cannot wait to read the Book of Life!!! GAH. I want to know how it ends! That Conan clip is the BEST.

  4. I love this. Classic is such a fun song! I haven’t been brave enough to try Orange is the New Black yet but it’s been on my “eventually” list. 😉 That iced tea looks sooo good. I might have to try some this summer.

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