#GivingTuesday and Get Free Noonday

Today is ‪#‎GivingTuesday‬! Today’s the day we practice generosity to remind us that Christmas is about giving. As you are thinking about giving to a charity or organization, may I suggest you give to Worthy of Love– an amazing organization that throws joy-filled, elaborate birthday parties for homeless children on Skid Row. This holiday season, they’re hoping to raise enough to purchase a tablet for each child. These tables are incredibly fun, a bright spot of hope for these kids in a desperate situation, but they’re also vital to creating a pathway out of poverty for these families.


Here’s a story from Sista Mary, the woman behind Worthy of Love:

“When I first started Worthy of Love two years ago I was pulling out of my own pocket to throw the best parties that I could. With dollar store toys and decorations we still had a BLAST!! So many children have said that the party was the only Birthday Party that they have ever had. With the donations in the last several months I have been able to do something even more special for these deserving kids. I gave a reasonably priced ($45) tablet to a 16 year old male who with tears in his eyes thanked us non-stop the entire party. He was with his Mom who had left their abusive Father and was staying at the shelter with her 5 kids. When we were leaving that night she stopped me and said how thankful they were for his gift. She explained that they needed it not just for school but as a resource to find jobs and housing. I knew then that we were not only touching the lives of the children but the parents as well. ”


GIVE TO WORTHY OF LOVE TODAY and I’ll enter your name in a drawing surprise gift from Noonday! With Noonday when you buy once, you give twice- the perfect way to celebrate ‪#‎Giving‬Tuesday!


So go on..give and know your gift proclaims in no uncertain terms that these families are WORTHY OF LOVE!


Seeking Shalom for the Kids on Skid Row,


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